Bit Show Application for the 2017 Black Friday Comedy Marathon
Trying to submit an act which is not a "Bit Show" (something short, stupid, or silly for the middle of the night)? Traditional or longer acts are being submitted using a separate form this year - please go back to the BFCM 2017 website submission page and use the Act Submission Form there. All applications will close on September 20th.
Please select "YES" below to confirm you are aware that Bit Shows will be scheduled in the middle of the night (sometime between 12:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.) on Saturday, November 25th, 2017. *
Bit Show Title: *
This is how you will be listed on the Black Friday Comedy Marathon site if accepted.
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Bit Show Description: *
Tell the producers reviewing your submission about your bit show idea. This information will ONLY be seen by the marathon producers.
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Bit Show Length: *
Select all performance lengths which would work for your bit show.
Does your bit show require Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations? *
The venue for this year's Black Friday Comedy Marathon is partially accessible, and we will work with you to meet your required accommodations if your bit show is accepted.
Bit Show Primary Contact Name: *
First and last name of the person who would like to be responsible for all communication on behalf of this bit show.
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Bit Show Primary Contact Email: *
The email address for the primary contact listed above where all email regarding the marathon will be sent.
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Bit Show Primary Contact Phone: *
The best phone number to reach your primary contact listed above on the date(s) of the marathon.
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Other Bit Show Members: *
Please give us the first and last names, and email addresses of other members participating in your act (hitting ENTER after each member) so we can make the correct number of performer passes if you are accepted. If you have no additional members, just type "n/a" in this box.
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Bit Show Promotional Blurb: *
This is a 50-100 word description of your bit show which the general public will see on our website if you are accepted. Write something that will get people to come to your show! Don't worry about including your bit show name, bit show cast member names, or social media links - we'll do that separately.
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Bit Show Promotional Photo:
This should be a link to either a production photo or staged promotional photo of your bit show which is free of graphics or logos and not password protected (i.e. not a photo posted on a personal Facebook profile).
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Bit Show Facebook:
This is for promotional purposes if you are accepted.
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Bit Show Twitter:
This is for promotional purposes if you are accepted. (We will tweet at your in advance of your show)!
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Bit Show YouTube:
This is for promotional purposes if you are accepted.
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Other Social Media:
Please let us know about any other social media platforms you are on which we could use to promote your appearance if you are accepted.
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Anything else we need to know about your bit show?
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