This is an initiative to bring all organizations to create much effective social buzz at Twitter altogether.
Social Buzz
Social Buzz
India is facing a serious issues . We need to come strong to fight against all issues and the fight must be now to eradicate such issues.

The types of campaigns we can include:
• Conduct primary and secondary research with the aim of understanding the range of issues its underlying, social and
economic dimensions. .
• Creating awareness through social media so people can participate effectively by asking the government and other
institutions for taking serious and effective measures to end social issue.
• Encouraging social inclusion of marginalized communities and persons
• Encouraging national and local volunteer initiatives; and
• Promoting constitutions goals towards social equality and justice.

How we do it:
Twitter campaign disciplined yet flexible.

• There will be one core WhatsApp group for all organizations from all over the country.
• We will decide hashtags . prepare tweets and banners and we will execute accordingly .

Involvement will help org gain life-changing experiences and enrich their own skills and expertise.

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