ChurchillCSD Communications Survey 2 of 3: Website Survey
As part of our strategic plan which emphasizes the importance of communication, ChurchillCSD will be releasing three different surveys over the next few weeks to collect information from parents and community members regarding ways for ChurchillCSD to better communicate with stakeholders.

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Overall, how would you rate the District's website/school websites? *
With 10 being "Very Informative" and 1 being "Not Informative at All"
Select the stakeholder group you most identify with: *
Do you feel that information on the website is updated in a timely and appropriate manner? *
Have you used the website to contact your child(ren)'s teacher(s)? *
How difficult is it to find what you are looking for on the district/school websites? *
How often do you visit the school district’s and/or a school website? *
I have access to the internet in my home: *
If you do have access to the internet in your home, is it wireless (wifi)? *
I primarily access the internet from a mobile device such as a cell phone, iPad, iPod touch, or gaming device: *
When visiting the district/school website, what info are you seeking *
Select all that apply
What would make the website more useful to you? *
Which quicklinks do you use the most?
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What areas of the website do you use the most?
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What areas of the website do you think need improvement?
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Do you have any other suggestions on how we can make the District website work better for you?
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If you would like a summary of the survey results sent to you, please include your e-mail address here.
(Results will be summarized and individual responses will not be divulged)
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Which communication channel prompted you to take this survey?
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