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Bloom's Verbs
Use a verbs that challenge the student to think at the appropriate levels.
For example, use verbs for the highest level like a 4 from the Evaluation or Synthesis list below. Analysis could be a 3.

I. Knowledge
II. Comprehension
III. Application
IV. Analysis
V. Synthesis
VI. Evaluation

Here is the list of verbs:

Level 4 *
What is above average, exceptional work for this topic? Use a HIGHER order verb from Blooms Taxonomy - II. Comprehension: Explain Judge Demonstrate Infer Translate - IV. Analysis: Apply Analyze Distinguish - V. Synthesis: Create Make Do Choose Develop Plan Design Compose Formulate - VI. Evaluation: Evaluate Appraise Judge Criticize Defend
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Level 3 *
What is average work for this topic? Think of words like meets requirements, complete, demonstrated, and the verb from Blooms list.
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Level 2 *
What is below average work for this topic? Think of words "beginning to show" or "some evidence" of Blue or Red colored verbs on Blooms list.
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Level 1 - REDO *
No evidence shown of standard
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