Dog Howling Study: Questionnaire
Thank you for filling out our consent form and for being a willing participant in our study!
Please answer the following questions.
Your Name
Your Dog's Name
Is your dog male or female?
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Is your dog purebred?
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Based on the previous question, what is your dog's breed (if purebred) or mix of breeds (if known)?
Your dog's current age (in years)
How old was your dog when you got him/her?
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Which of the following makes your dog howl? Select all that apply.
If you chose "Hearing recordings of songs" (choice 1), please tell us what song(s) your dog howls to.
If you chose "Hearing me or other people singing (in person, live)" (choice 2), please tell us what song(s)/sound(s) your dog howls to.
If you chose "Hearing a musical instrument played live" (choice 3), please list what instrument(s) AND song(s).
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