"Real" Testimonials from "Real" People!

<h2>"Real" Testimonials from "Real" People!</h2>
It just irks us to see all those fake testimonials on websites from "John H. in FL."

<b>At Credit Detailer, our testimonials are 100% REAL, from REAL people just like you. </b>
Someone real had something to say about us, and we let you see it.
<i>It's just that simple.</i>

So we ask you to do the same.
<b>If something is good about Credit Detailer (or someone at Credit Detailer) , let others know!</b>
* Let the world know what you think!
* Let others know that we really are not so bad!

Also, by helping us grow, <b>your testimonial helps YOU too</b>!
<b>HOW?</b> -- Because when we grow, we get to do bigger and better things for you!

With your praise, we get the recognition needed to offer things such as :
* <b>More features
* Better support
* New innovations
* Affiliate products at discounts (or free)
* More frequent updates
* Competitive pricing
* Extended license terms
* Unique customization features
* Add-on features for your office
* Newer types of business programs
* And more!</b>

<b>So what do you want to share with other visitors of our site?</b>

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