French as a Second Language (FSL) in TLDSB Schools
We value your feedback and want to learn more about your thoughts on French as a Second Language (FSL) in our schools. Your response will help us to provide excellent programming and resources for our parents and students. Descriptions of our programs have been provided below for reference:

Core French - Core French is part of the regular curriculum for all students in TLDSB from grades 4 – 8. The Ontario secondary school diploma requires one compulsory credit in French, usually earned in grade 9.

French Immersion - A program offering up to 100% French instruction in the classroom until the end of grade 3. English instruction is gradually introduced in grade 4 until it becomes a half-day program from grades 6 – 8.

Extended French - A secondary school program offering 7 credits in French.

Please help us by answering the short questions below by March 1, 2018.
If you have more than one child registered in different programming, choose one program to answer about, and outline your additional thoughts in the comment box at the end.

Thanks for helping us to improve FSL programming!

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French Immersion Entry
TLDSB is considering grade 1 entry for our French Immersion programs in 2019.
This would mean that your child would attend your home school for JK/SK, and then attend the area French Immersion school to start Grade 1.
If you are considering enrolling your child in the French Immersion program with TLDSB, would a Grade 1 entry affect your decision? *
Do you have any other feedback or questions regarding FSL programming that has not been addressed in this survey? What would you like to know about French as a second language programs in TLDSB?
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