Ese Fashion & Luxury Culture Dept.
On Behalf of ESE Fashion & Luxury Culture Department we would like to thank you for taking the time to answer to this small questionnaire. The answers will be used as a research tool to further the development of project concerning the three pillars of the Department: Inclusiveness, Social Responsibility and Authenticity.
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Diversity and inclusion will continue to grow as dominant topics in the industry of Fashion and Luxury as brands need to serve an increasingly diverse consumer base global market. Do you think that inclusivity will be the new exclusivity? *
A more sustainable fashion industry depends on using what exists, making new clothes out of old ones. Do you think that upcycling and reuse will be the future of fashion as part of the circular economy? *
Globalisation and the increased exchange of cultures of the modern era has allowed the adoption of different fashion styles as expression of individuality, clothing being a reflection of who we are and not anymore of who we desire to be. How do you think this search for authenticity will transform the Fashion and Luxury industry? *
Do you believe authenticity will be the differentiating factor for the success of global companies in the near future? *
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