2021 BookTube Prize Judges
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Name (first and last, please). Please give me whatever name you consistently use every day. Last year, a number of judges signed up using one name, but then filled out ballots with a slew of variations of their names. As the judge pool gets bigger, it gets more difficult to figure out which nickname goes with which judge. *
You Tube Channel User Name (whether you make videos or post comments only). Please record this exactly as you have it on YouTube because searching there is a challenge. *
What would you like to judge? You will have an opportunity to opt-in or opt-out of each round at the appropriate time. You don't have to commit to specific rounds at this time. If you sign up for Some of Each, I will try to alternate your assignments each round. *
Is it okay if I promote your channel as one of our judges? I subscribe to all of the judge channels and that subscription list is visible to all users. I also compile all judge videos into playlists on the prize's channel. *
The country where you reside now (even if that's not your home country). *
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