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'Icarus', historical fantasy. Approx 250 pages. Release date: February 27, 2019.

Sneak preview: https://bit.ly/2COQxoy

122 AD. A rebellious teen makes his mark in the streets of Roman Londinium. A time when building a border wall from coast to coast was but a fuzzy dream in the Emperor Hadrian’s head.

Hooligan or Vigilante? Icarus’s gang associations are plagued with rivalries that propel him into the sinister clutch of dark magic. The enmity of a ruthless moneylender brings the full force of Roman justice upon his head. Amidst gladiator battles and skirmishes with barbarians Icarus’s plight leads him along a path of more than full-blooded adventure.

Will his efforts to save his father from an oppressive extortion racket bring him to ruin? Or can he rise above the tragic fate of the Icarus legend and unfold his true destiny?

A gripping, coming-of-age tale set in an Iron Age world that shaped western history.

Advance Review Copies (ARCs) will be available to readers by February 18th in exchange for an honest review posted to Amazon and other review sites.

By offering ARCs to readers, an author can guarantee reviews in the first few days of the book’s release and provide real reader opinions to others while the book is at its most visible.

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ARC reviews should be your honest opinion, while focusing on what makes the book interesting or enjoyable, and avoiding spoilers or plot summaries. Reviews on a sales platform like Amazon help shoppers get a better idea whether a book might be worth reading, and can play a large role in influencing new readers to try the book.

It is important to disclose in your review that you “received an ARC copy free for review purposes”. Other than that, everything else is fair game.

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