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Booker T. Washington Center * 1720 Holland Street * Erie, Pennsylvania 16503 * (814) 453-5744 Extension 225*237*231
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MANDATORY INSURANCE RIDER FOR ALL SPACE/EVENT RESERVATION Please call Leann Brown @ 455-0987 ext.127 (Hart, McConahy & Martz Insurance Co.)
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If more tables and chairs are needed than are available at the facility, the client is responsible for obtaining them
No open fire is permitted in/at the Booker T. Washington Center. Drug use or any Illegal Substance is PROHIBITED in or around the Booker T. Washington Center Campus
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Please Note: The Booker T. Washington Center takes NO responsibility for the use of alcoholic beverages. If alcoholic beverages are being provided no minors (anyone under the age of 21) are permitted inside the building
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