23-24 TCELA Volunteer/Intern Application Form
Dear TCELA Volunteer,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Temple City Early Learning Academy. During the school year and/or summer, volunteers may be required to participate in activities that may include physical activities, field trip excursions, assisting the teachers, assisting with student projects, preparing and/or serving snack, engaging in play with children, cleaning up, and much more.

If you plan on volunteering with us for over 4 hours a day, please pack some snacks, a lunch, and water. Volunteers are encouraged to ask questions if they are unsure about any procedures or what task to perform.  

We are currently accepting volunteers (18 years and over) for the remainder of the school year

Should you have any questions, please email us at TCELA@tcusd.net

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Email *
ELP Office
Ms. Mickie                Director, Child Development Programs
Ms. Jacqueline        Office Assistant III
Ms. Hun Ly               Office Assistant III
Ms. Gyorcie              Child Care Instructor II

Caterpillar Class (8:00 am-11:00 am)
Ms. Ellie                     Special Education Preschool Teacher

Butterfly Class (7:30 am-5:30 pm)

Ms. Kara                    Preschool Instructor

Ladybug Class (7:30 am-5:30 pm)
Ms. Chun                   Preschool Instructor
Ms. Vivian                  Preschool Parapro (Aide)

Dragonfly Class (8:00 am-11:00 am)
Ms. Erica                    Special Education Preschool Teacher
Ms. Stephanie           Preschool Parapro (Aide)

Child Care Center General Licensing Requirements (Volunteers)
  • (b) The following individuals are exempt from the requirement to submit fingerprints:
        (1) A volunteer who is a relative, legal guardian, or foster parent of a child in the facility.
        (2) A volunteer that provides time-limited specialized services if all of the following apply:
            (A) The volunteer is directly supervised by the licensee or a facility employee with a criminal record clearance or exemption.
            (B) The volunteer spends no more than 16 hours per week at the facility.
            (C) The volunteer is not left alone with children in care.

  • (c) The licensee may utilize volunteers provided that such volunteers are supervised and are not included in the center's staffing plan.
  • (d) The following child care center personnel shall be at least 18 years old:
        (1) Persons who supervise employees and/or volunteers.
        (2) Persons, including volunteers, who provide any element of care and supervision to children.
  • (g) All personnel, including the licensee, administrator and volunteers, shall be in good health and shall be physically and mentally capable of performing assigned tasks...

        (3) The good physical health of each volunteer who works in the center shall be verified by:
            (A) A statement signed by each volunteer affirming that he/she is in good health.
            (B) Results of a test for tuberculosis performed not more than one year prior to or seven days after initial presence in the center.
  • (b) Personnel records shall be maintained for all volunteers and shall contain the following:
        (1) A health statement as specified in Section 101216(g).
        (2) Tuberculosis test documents as specified in Section 101216(g)(3).
        (3) For volunteers that are required to be fingerprinted pursuant to Section 101170:
            (A) A signed statement regarding their criminal record history as required by Section 101170(d).
            (B) Documentation of either a criminal record clearance or a criminal record exemption as required by Section 101170(e).
Additional Requirements
  • Proof of immunization of Measles

    • 1 dose of MMR or

    • Lab results/titer showing immunity to measles or

    • Written statement from CA licensed physician for exception

  • Proof of immunization against Pertussis

    • 1 dose of TDaP or TD within the last 10 years or

    • Lab results/titers showing immunity to Pertussis or

    • Written statement from CA licensed physician for exception

  • Proof of immunization against Influenza (or documentation of exemption) 

    • Influenza vaccine prior to December 1, annually or

    • Written and signed declaration that individual has declined the influenza vaccine annually

  • TB Clearance or risk assessment LIC 503 

    • Negative TB Risk Assessment every 4 years

      • If TB Risk Assessment is positive, TB Skin Test needed

        • If the TB Skin test is negative, it does not need to be repeated unless there are new risk factors. Therefore, TB Risk Assessment should be done annually.

      • If history of positive TB skin test, Negative Chest X-Ray once upon hire/start of volunteer process

Volunteer's First and Last Name *
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Volunteer's Phone Number *
In the event we need to get a hold of you, please provide a phone number we can reach you at.
Which days can you commit to? *
i.e. Only Monday and Tuesday
What time can you commit to? *
i.e. 3:00 pm-5:00 pm
What day would you like to start and end your service? *
i.e. Monday, April 25, 2022- Thursday, June 9, 2022
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