Non-Profit Vendor Booth Application
Thank you for your interest in bringing your non-profit to The Hog Farm Hangout. The fee for a nonprofit booth space is $150 and includes two 3-day festival passes.

A select group of organizations will be invited to set up a booth in the Activist Alley, a high-traffic area of the festival. In order to be considered, please submit the following application by April 15th.

We will review applications and respond by April 22nd. Organizations that are selected must submit the booth fee by May 1st in order to retain their spot. Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal. Information on how to pay will be provided once you are notified that your organization's booth has been approved.

Nonprofits will receive two 3-day festival passes. Organizations will also have the option of purchasing up to two additional passes at a discount rate. If purchased before Monday, June 1st, additional tickets will be $299. Kids age 12 and under are admitted free. Youth tickets are available for kids ages 12-17.

Each nonprofit is provided one parking pass valid for a vehicle under 24'. Anything over 24' is considered a large vehicle and will require you to purchase a $200 large vehicle pass, this includes vehicles towing a trailer. Additional regular-size vehicle parking passes can be purchased for $35. Parking passes are issued upon vendor check-in.

Nonprofit booth set up begins at 8 AM on Thursday, June 11th. Camping is provided a short distance away from your booth space. There will be NO VEHICLE ACCESS into the festival site after 8 PM on Thursday, June 11th. All vehicles must be moved by 8 AM on Friday, June 12th. The booth spaces provided are 10'x10'. We do not provide shade structures, tables, or chairs. Please bring anything you may need for your booth. Please be aware that this is a rural venue and the landscape is uneven. Your booth may be in the sun for large portions of the day. It may be hot, dusty, and dry and or it could be cool and damp. This time of the year is a bit unpredictable. Please come prepared. Takedown must be complete by 3 PM on Monday, June 15th. Please leave your space clean and respect this beautiful land we gather on.

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