Stevenson HS Marching Band Camp Counselor Application
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Stevenson High School Marching Band is looking for camp counselors (Stafferones) for the summer of 2017. Marching Band Camp will be held from Aug. 13th - Aug. 18th at Lake Ann Camp west of Traverse City.

These positions are unpaid except for a small stipend. Volunteers can use camp hours toward community service or school projects. This is a great way to gain work experience.

Requirements for Band Camp Counselor:
• Must be 18 years of age or older and be out of high school at least 1 year (Class of 2016 or earlier)
• Must have high school marching band experience
• Must be willing to attend a pre-camp training meeting in July
• Must possess or be willing to acquire State Police Background Check and Child Abuse clearances
• Be willing to supervise a group of students in their cabins; you will be assigned a bunk in the student housing area

Helpful, but not required:
• CPR, first aid and/or lifeguard certification
• Previous experience supervising and assisting high school band students

General Responsibilities of Camp Counselor for Stevenson Marching Band:
• Maintain a clean and professional appearance at all times
• Be courteous, pleasant and respectful to all campers and fellow staff members
• Help the camp leaders to conduct activities and interact with the campers during camp activities and free time
• Respect the buildings and facilities on camp property as if they were your own
• Serve as a good role model to all campers by participating in all camp activities
• Foster an uplifting environment with your enthusiasm and by keeping your speech free from profanity
• Refrain from bringing any alcohol, tobacco or other controlled substances onto the premises
• Conduct a fire drill with your campers on the first day of camp

Counselor assignments will be made by the Band Director and Camp Director prior to camp and will be modified based on the number of students attending camp.

Counselors are selected based on their willingness to assist and interact for the benefit of all campers.

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