Solo and Ensemble Registration
Please read before registering:

As a student in the Frost Middle School Instrumental Music Program, your son/daughter will have many opportunities to perform this year. One opportunity is at Solo and Ensemble Festival at Franklin HS in Livonia. This event takes place once a year, Saturday, February 9th 2019. I encourage all students to consider participation in these events as they provide a wonderful opportunity for individual growth on their instruments.

Solo & Ensemble Festival is an opportunity for individual students to perform a classical selection of their choice for adjudication. Each student or group of students is evaluated by one judge and rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the highest rating possible. Along with a rating, students will receive valuable information on how to be a better musician and tips on improving their playing skills. Participating students that earn a rating of 1 or 2 at District will receive a medal. Students working with a private teacher, your private teacher should be able to pick out a piece for you, if you need help picking out music, see Mr. Rais.
Important guidelines in choosing music for Solo and Ensemble: (Mr. Rais can assist you in this process, we have a good sized Solo and Ensemble Sheet Music library).

 Music must be at least minimum 1 1/2 minutes in length
 Must provide an original copy for the judge to view
 Measures must be numbered (I recommend lightly in pencil)
 If solo calls for piano accompaniment, then soloist must play with a piano accompaniment! All pieces must be cleared with Mr. Rais. 99.99% of middle school solo repertoire requires a piano accompaniment!
 Music selection must be classical and published, NO movie or pop selections
 Absolutely NO forms will be accepted after Friday, October 26, this is time sensitive material.
 There will be many districts at this event from Saline, Dexter, Ann Arbor to Monroe to Redford. So rescheduling an event time will be difficult, please make sure you select a time frame that works for you.

You may pick music from our music library, or visit Cameron's Music, Marshall Music for band music,
Cameron's Music, Marshall Music, Shar Music for string music.
If you study privately with someone, your private teacher can pick your piece out as well.

You will have September through the first week of February to prepare for this event! So 7th graders, you need to take this on! 7th graders will have over 5 months playing experience to prepare for this event. You can do this!

You may register up to three events total (Any combination: ex. Solo, Duet, Duet)

Fees for Solo and Ensemble:
Solo $10.00
Piano Solo $20.00
Duet $16.00 ($8.00 per member)
Trio $24.00 ($8.00 per member)
Quartet $32.00 ($8.00 per member)
Quintet $40.00 ($8.00 per member)
*Checks made payable to: Livonia Public Schools (memo: Solo and Ensemble)
*If an event must drop due to an emergency or any other reason, fees cannot be refunded.

Student Name: First and Last *
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Instrument: *
Grade: *
Type of Ensemble: 7th graders recommend either a solo or duet for first year. *
You need Mr. Rais / Mr. Hill to help select a piece for your event. *Private teacher may pick your piece. *Remember: No pop music, must be classically based. *
Time Frame: MSBOA cannot guarantee what time, but can make sure you fall in a certain time frame. If you are involved in an ensemble, please discuss with members of your group what time frame you would like to perform in. These are approximate time frames. *
Piano Accompanist: Please list the name of your piano accompanist, if you do not know who is playing for you yet because you still need to contact one, please write in: "Frost Piano Accompanist" There are a list of piano accompanists on our Frost Web Site: IF YOU ARE PLAYING A DUET OR ENSEMBLE: WRITE "NONE" *
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Members of your ensemble: Please list their name (first and last), Graduation date: Ex. 2023-8th grade 2024-7th grade, and Instrument. (Soloists; do not list your name again) Duet, Trio, Quartet only.
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By selecting yes, the information above is accurate and you understand that the time frames are approximate and not a guaranteed specific time. You will receive your assigned time at least 2 weeks before the event. If you need to cancel, you understand that your fee cannot be refunded. You have 4 months to prepare for this event. *Please print out your registration and attach the money and turn it in to Mr. Rais before October 26. *
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