Buyer Consultation Questionnaire
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Review Pre-Qualification Information
Name of Buyer 1: *
Name of Buyer 2:
1. What is your current address? *
(Street, City, State, and Zip Code)
2. Who is the primary contact with me and what is the best time and way to reach you? *
3. What is prompting your move? *
4. When do you need to be in your new home? *
5. Are you pre-approved for a mortgage? *
6. If you answered "Yes" to Question #5, what is the contact information of your lender?
7. What is your comfortable price range? *
8. If we found a home today that meets all of your needs and as many of your wants as possible, would you make an offer? *
1. Who will be living in the home you purchase? *
2. Will anyone else be spending more than an occasional overnight stay (i.e. parents)? *
3. Describe your lifestyle. What do you enjoy doing at home? (i.e. Do you entertain a lot? How do you spend your time in the evenings and on the weekends?) *
4. Does your home need to accommodate any special needs? *
5. Do you have any pets? *
6. Do you have anything special that needs to be accommodated such as athletic equipment, fine art, large furniture, or a large collection? *
7. When people come to your house, what do you want your home to say about you? *
8. Is there anything I should know about your lifestyle that I have not asked? *
1. Tell me about your ideal location. *
2. What is your maximum commute time and distance? *
3. What is your work address? *
4. Are schools important? *
5. Is there a particular view you are seeking (i.e. skyline, lake, sky rise)? *
6. What else is important about your location? *
House - General
1. Do you have a preference for when the house was built? *
2. Do you want a house in move-in condition or are you willing to do some work on it? *
3. Are you looking for any structures such as a greenhouse, deck, or shed? *
House - Structure/Exterior
1. What type of home are you looking for (i.e. single-family, condo, townhouse, etc.)? *
2. Approximately what size square footage are you looking for? *
3. How many stories? *
4. What size lot do you need? *
5. Do you want a porch or deck? *
6. What are you looking for in terms of parking (i.e. garage, attached, carport, street)? *
7. What other exterior features are important to you (i.e. fence)? *
House - Interior
1. What kind of style do you want the interior of your home to have (i.e. formal, casual, cozy, traditional, contemporary)? *
2. What kind of floor plan do you prefer (i.e. open vs. separate living spaces)? *
3. In general, what are you likes and dislikes for the interior of your home? *
1. How many bedrooms do you need? *
2. How will each of those rooms be used (i.e. office, library, exercise, etc.)? *
3. What are your preferences for the master bedroom? *
1. How many bathrooms do you need? *
2. What are your needs for each of the bathrooms (i.e. space, amenities, etc.) *
1. What features must your kitchen have (i.e. breakfast area, types of appliances, etc.)? *
2. What finishes do you want (i.e. counter tops, flooring, appliances, etc.) *
3. What are your likes and dislikes for the kitchen? *
Dining Room
1. Would you like the dining room to be part of the kitchen configuration? What about the living room? *
2. What size dining room table do you currently have? *
Living Room/Family Room
1. Describe your likes and dislikes. *
2. Do you want a fireplace? *
3. What size room(s) do you have in mind? *
4. What other rooms do you need or want? *
5. What else should I know about the inside of the house you are looking for? *
1. What are the top five things your home needs to have? *
2. Beyond those five things, what is something else you really want to have? *
3. Out of all of the people you know, who is the next person that will be buying, selling, or investing in real estate? *
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What is your number one concern with your next purchase or sale?
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Final thoughts
Because we work with some of the top professionals in Northern Virginia, we would be honored, when appropriate, to refer you to people who may be able to assist you with other parts of this transaction or to add value or expertise in other important areas of your life.

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the very best), how would you rate the professional you currently work with or the product or company you currently use?
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