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Here's your opportunity to sign up for free downtown walking tours by
You don't want to miss this amazing FREE downtown Vancouver walking tours by VancityAsks :D running year round.
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We hope to welcome tourists (and locals) to Vancouver! With the help of some amazing local businesses, we'll be having delicious food tastings at (1) Milano Coffee (2) Rogers' Chocolate (3) Japadog and (4) Daniel's Chocolate. We hope you have a great time in Vancouver and get you learn more about Vancouver's history and modern architecture with our tours.

Your tour includes a friendly, local tour guide who loves to welcome people to Vancouver just like (While the tour guide is fairly compensated for their time by VancityAsks, we encourage guests to tip to their liking as with any tours.)

>>> What is
VancityAsks is a Vancouver questions and answers website for Vancouver, BC. We hope to help locals rediscover their city and show tourists like yourself the best Vancouver has to offer. In part of doing so, VancityAsks will be running free walking tours in downtown Vancouver.

>>> Why Free Walking Tours?
We wish to provide a value-added community service that will help tourists and guests enjoy their time in Vancouver more. We love this city and would like you to be able to experience it well in our three hours walking tour. We love building community, we love giving, and we hope to be able to bless some of you with a wonderful time downtown Vancouver.

We don't charge for the tours or the food tastings (and neither will we choose to, it's free!) though absolutely optional if you had the means and desire, we'd encourage you to donate $15 or whatever you like (the typical costs of walking tours without food tastings) to Covenant House which helps the destitute and homeless by Vancouver's East Hasting community. (Your tour route avoids this area for safety concerns with a group of 20) It would be much appreciated, it's important not to forget those who are less fortunate and these are experienced social workers who can help them more effectively. (as a general rule, avoid giving money to pan handlers as it can be more detrimental with misuse - not always.)

[BONUS = Send us a gift receipt of your donation if you like via email and we'll have an additional piece of Victorian Cream waiting for you at Roger's Chocolate:]

>>> Details of VancityAsks Free Vancouver Walking Tours
The tour is currently 3 hours from 12:30 to 3:30. The walking route goes through Gastown up to Robson, westwards towards the Westend, then back down to Coal Harbor. Learn more about Vancouver, see the culture locally, and taste the food.
- You'll be tasting some of the BEST coffee in Vancouver (Milano Coffee)
- You'll be tasting some of the BEST food trucks in Vancouver (Japadog)
- You'll be tasting some of the BEST chocolates in Vancouver (Rogers' Chocolates & Daniel's chocolates)
- You'll be tasting some of the BEST chocolates in Vancouver (Daniel's Chocolate)

>>> Summary Details:
These free tours are organized by VancityAsks for tourists (and locals). We've hired a qualified tour guide to show you around Vancouver; a friendly local who loves welcoming visitors!

The tours are completely free though we encourage you to make a donation to Covenant House for whatever value you place on the tour, if you have the means and desire to (no worries if you don't! We just want to treat you to a free walking tour with food tastings.)

We encourage you to support these amazing local business (VancityAsks loves local businesses) with purchasing their merchandise as gifts for friends and family at home. [I hear the dark roast coffee beans at Milano Coffee is award willing, luxury, and coveted coffee!]

>>> Terms and Conditions: Eh, we'd prefer not to have this section on the form if possible but nonetheless, we need to lay out some legal expectations
(1) VancityAsks -, will not be liable for the free tours we provide.
- We have taken precautions to ensure you have a good and safe experience (such as checking for allergies and planning our route to avoid East Hastings for safety concerns). VancityAsks organizes these tours on a voluntary basis.
(2) VancityAsks -, reserves the right to adjust or cancel the tours when required with notice. The tour operates weather permitting.
(3) reserves the right to alter terms and conditions on this form.

- Please enjoy yourself! If there is anything we can do to help make the experience better for you, we'd appreciate any feedback or request in your form submit.
- Please inform us before hand in the additional information section if you have any allergies or medical conditions as food tasting is included.

- Some other reminders, please have your lunch before the tours as it's three hours and the tasting portions are nominal sizes.
- Please also be respectful to our tour representative.

Due to the extensive walking (~3 miles), we recommend this tour is not suitable for the elderly or children under 11.

>>> Connect with Us!
We'd appreciate if you could like us on Facebook so we can share with you more about Vancouver!

We'd also appreciate if you could review us on Trip Advisor so others can hear more about the tours.

Lastly, if you're looking for more information, feel free to comment on our page about these free Vancouver tours:

>>> More information:
- Hashtag for this tour is #VancityAsksTours. Feel free to snap your pictures and share on twitter with this hashtags.
- Thank you once again to the business who are participating in this tour inclusive of:
Milano Coffee Roasters - Arguably the best coffee in Vancouver
Japadog - Needs no introduction, they're such a cool food store.
Rogers' Chocolates - Delicious chocolates from BC
Daniel's Chocolates - Authentic Belgium chocolates in Vancouver.

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