Team Cure's Care Package Application

Dear person who is filling this out,

Thank you so much for starting the process of nominating your child for a one of a kind, Team Cure Care Package! My heart gets so happy when I open this form and see we have a new request for a package!

Please fill out this application the best you can and as detailed as possible. We have toys and goodies for everyone! We love when we see the kids so shocked that we know about everything they love. These packages are for kids ages 0-21 living in the USA who have or had any form of cancer in their lifetime. Please include your full address when filling out this application.

Once your application is processed and approved, a team member will reach out to you when your package has shipped. Packages are shipped in the order applications are received. As for shipping times, I try to ship packages once every two weeks - a month. I appreciate your understanding and patience with me as I try to make and send everyone's package quickly while being a full time, working student.

Thank you so much for choosing Team Cure to make your child's day special. Please share this application with other families you know so Team Cure can keep spreading the love.

Lindsey Pacios (she/her)
Founder and President of Team Cure
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Your name and relationship to child *
Child’s first and last name *
Child’s age *
Child’s address *
UNITED STATES ONLY, please no PO Boxes and do not forget your city, state and zipcode.
Child’s gender *
Child’s diagnosis *
If your child’s diagnosis is not on this list please fill in the accurate diagnosis below. For example, saying just ¨brain cancer" is not an acceptable answer but ¨Medulloblastoma" is an acceptable answer.
Please tell us a little bit about your child *
You can tell us anything you want! Anything from how their treatment is going, recent end of treatment celebrations, your family, your child's story, etc.
List of your child’s favorite things *
Please be as specific as possible here, it makes a huge difference in the quality and thought of your Care Package. For example, leave your child’s favorite hobby, toy, craft, character, color, scent, movie, TV show etc.
Is there anything your child doesn't like or has a lot of that we should not put in your bundle?
Common answers are Play Doh, coloring books, etc. Please do not feel bad about saying what you don’t like, there is no judgment and it’s our job to make sure you get the most out of this package.
Does your child have any allergies or scent sensitivities?
Some items in our packages may be an allergen for some kids. For example, wheat in play-doh, nickel in jewelry, flour in stress balls, latex in toys, Band Aids etc. Some children, mostly in active chemotherapy might have a sensitivity to strong smells. Please tells us if this applies to your child so they don't get scented markers :)
Are you OK with sharing a photo of your child and their package once it arrives? This photo may be uploaded to social media, our website, or news articles. *
We love seeing photos of kids and their packages! These photos help parents see what Team Cure has to offer and also shows our lovely donors where their money and other donations go. You may have even seen some of these pictures when looking at Team Cure's website! No photos will be shared without your permission.
Social media handles to follow this child (if applicable)
We would love to follow you back on Instagram, Facebook, Caring Bridge etc.
Where did you hear about Team Cure?
Is there anything else you would like us to know about your child?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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