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With so many talented authors competing for readership, it's important to present a professional product. NQD not only specializes in Book Covers in every genre, but strives to offer quality and creative designs at an affordable price. We look forward to bringing your vision to life!

Please note the following:

- Before filling up the form, contact us about pricing and bookings.
- If we exceed the limited amount of changes in the package, you will be automatically upgraded to the next advanced package.
- I use your concept as a basis we can brainstorm on and make little tweaks until the cover appears in the most professional and original light.
- Please send me an email with an attachment, if you already have stock images from a photographer on hand at the following: info@najlaqamberdesigns.com


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For example: The background will be the view of the sunset on a beach.
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Stock Images you'd like to use: *
You can get these stocks from http://www.depositphotos.com or http://www.shutterstock.com Example: I'd like this model (link to image) on this background (link to image). If you already bought the image, please send me an email with it.
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What feel do you want the cover to have? *
Light and Airy or Dark and Sexy, etc.
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Any color schemes you'd like to try out?
Use this color site to help you describe it to me. www.colourlovers.com Or, if you don't have any in mind, what colors do you want me to stay away from?
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Any font in particular?
If you don't have a preference, let me know which fonts you dislike. For example: I definitely don't want a cursive font on there. But I do love sans serif fonts.
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Other elements you'd like to include?
For example: More texture, I want it vintage looking, it has to have tree branches, or can we add in a necklace that represents this, etc.
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This is to generate the spine of the cover. It's okay if you don't have this yet. We can complete this later.
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Dimensions of the Book (Only for packages that include the full wrap)
For example: 5x8, 6x9, etc. - You can give this to me later on if you don't have the info.
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If you're getting any add-on specifically, bookmarks, postcards, or GIFs, do you have any preferences in design? What text goes into it? Please type them up here.
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