Kal's Jump Freighter Service
Service for Stellae Renascitur corporations and pilots.

Prices are as follows:

Local Runs
P4/Wix to Nourbal - 40m
P4/Wix to Keberz - 50m
Straight, plain prices. Much in like with the other freighter services in the alliance. Max cargo of 340,000 m³ These runs happen as soon as I can. Hopefully the same day RL permitting.

Empire Runs
P4/Wix to Jita/Ammar - 1250 per m³
Jita/Ammar to P4/Wix - 1250 per m³
So for example you ask for 1150m³ the cost would be 1,437,500

Please note for "other" locations there is a charge of 1m per gate jump in each with a max cargo of 12,000 m³ per run for these extended pickup/dropoffs. so if you need a drop off 3 jumps from Nourb, it would be 3m extra. The low capacity is due to not wanting to risk 12b of freighter on gate hopping!

Jita runs are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ammar on Wednesdays. If I have full cargo holds this may be sooner.

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