2019 Jr. Lifeguard Registration
Borough of Wildwood Crest
Junior Lifeguard Program
Address: Rambler Road & the Beach Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260
Phone: (609) 522-3825
Website: www.wcbp.org
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Parent/Guardian Authorization
I hereby waive for myself and my child the right to assert any claim against the Borough of Wildwood Crest, the Wildwood Crest Lifeguards, and any of their agents, servants, or employees arising out of injury to the child due to participation in, preparation for, or travel to and from any recreation program or activity authorized by the Wildwood Crest Lifeguards. I relinquish any right that I or my child might otherwise have for payments of medical costs or other losses beyond whatever Insurance I have. I hereby authorize the director, staff, and volunteers of the Wildwood Crest Lifeguards to act for me according to their best judgement in any emergency requiring medical attention. I also authorize the Wildwood Crest Lifeguard Department to use pictures/images of my child for Program promotions. *
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Registration fee: $50.00
Make checks payable to: Borough of Wildwood Crest
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