Cabin Fever playlist submission form - please read the info!!
Thank you for your interest in adding more experimental films or videos to CABIN FEVER: Coping with COVID-19 playlist of online experimental films & videos.

Please fill out the form below for each film you’d like to submit (so, one film at a time — after you submit one film, come back to the form and fill it out for your next film).

Please keep the entries limited to experimental films and videos that are free to view online.  Save the larger independent films, television series, studio / commercial works for other lists.  The focus here is celebrating experimental film and video, artist-made work.

A NOTE ON THE LIMITATIONS OF THIS LIST: The playlist is not an exhaustive list of every single online work of experimental film, nor is that the goal of it.  The initial intention of this list was to gather some experimental films together based on moods one might be experiencing while being cooped up.  The list has morphed some, and through crowdsourcing, some great new categories have been added to the mix.  I do hope that the original goal of feeding emotional needs and fostering virtual connectivity continues to be the salient purpose of the document.  Not all experimental films & videos out there may work for this playlist, and I encourage you to find other avenues for sharing those works with the world.

A NOTE ON CATEGORIES: I ask that you do please consider whether each movie you are adding does indeed work for this list and for the category you’ve selected.  As mentioned above, not all experimental films & videos out there may work for this playlist's categories, and I hope you are able to find other ways to share those works with the world.  All that being said, you are totally welcome to select multiple categories for the movie you’re submitting if you think it fits in multiple categories!  

A NOTE ON CONTENT WARNINGS: Out of respect for community members, if any of the movies you are adding contain material that could be sensitive to folks, please also include a content warning that I can include with the listing.  There is a place below where you can add that.

I'll add the submitted films to the list as soon as I can.  I have a lot of other stuff going on, so I may not be able to get through all the submissions right away, but do know that I'll go through all of them eventually!  Thank you so much for your patience and for your additions to the list!

Stay safe, wash your hands, be kind.

—Kate Lain
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