2020 Intelligentsia Cup rider survey
Please answer the questions as if the series dates remain July 17-26, 2020.
Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, were you planning on attending the 2020 Intelligentsia Cup? *
With the current information and guidance at hand, what is the likelihood you would attend the series if it is permitted by authorities (USA Cycling, CDC, State of Illinois, et al.)? *
Would not attend
Definitely would attend
What would be your primary reason(s) for not attending? (choose all that apply) *
What is the likelihood you would attend an abbreviated 2020 series (i.e. at least four days)? *
No, only if a full series
Yes, would attend any amount of days
How much would a series with reduced amenities (e.g. no expos, reduced prizing, less host housing) affect your decision to attend? *
Would not matter at all
It matters a great deal
Would you return to your personal home each night or would you need accommodations (e.g. hotel, Airbnb, staying with friends/family, etc …)? *
Where do you live? (City, State or Country) *
Which category/categories would you likely race? *
How many years have you attended in the past? *
Do you have any other thoughts or concerns you would like to express?
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