BHA Financial Aid Application 2024-25
Welcome to the Financial Aid Request Form. This form is designed to assist students* and their families in applying for financial aid to support their educational endeavors at BHA. Please fill out the form completely and accurately to ensure that your request is processed efficiently.

List of Needed Documents:
  1. Proof of Income: Please provide two months' recent pay stubs and your most recent tax return.
  2. Bank Statements: Statements from all bank accounts held by both parents. 
  3. Proof of Other Financial Obligations: Documentation of any outstanding loans, medical bills, or other financial obligations.
  4. Academic Transcripts: Official transcripts from the student's educational institution.
  5. Other: Any additional documentation that may support the student's financial aid request.
Please note that this application for financial aid remains incomplete and invalid until you provide all necessary documentation to using one of the email addresses provided in this application.

Thank you for your cooperation in promptly providing the necessary documentation. Your assistance will help ensure that we can accurately assess your financial need and provide the appropriate support.

All applicants must follow the Financial Aid Qualification requirements to be eligible for Financial Aid. Please refer to the full list of requirements, detailed below. A copy of the Financial Aid Qualification requirements can also be found here on BHA's website.

*Financial aid not available for Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten
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Financial Aid Qualification Requirements

1. Complete Financial Aid Application:
Fill out and submit a comprehensive financial aid application detailing family income, assets, expenses, and household size to demonstrate financial need.

2. Documentation of Income and Assets:
Provide documentation of family income, including tax returns, W-2 forms, or other financial statements.

3. Submission Deadline:
Adhere to submission deadlines for financial aid application and supporting documentation. Submission Deadline: May 1st.

4. Enrollment in School:
Parents or guardians must enroll their students in the school for the upcoming academic year to qualify for financial aid.

5. Payment of Enrollment Fee:
Along with enrollment, parents or guardians are required to pay $150 towards the Application fee (new students) or Resource fee by May 30th. Failure to complete enrollment and pay the enrollment fee will result in loss of reserved place in class and disqualification for financial aid.

6. Satisfactory Academic Progress:
Maintain a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 each semester.

New students must achieve a minimum score at the 60th percentile in standardized placement tests conducted at BHA.

7. GPA Verification:
Provide official transcripts to verify GPA.

8. Citizenship Grade Requirement:
Maintain a minimum disciplinary citizenship grade of 80% each semester.

9. Agreement & Adherence to Terms and Conditions:
Financial aid is contingent on agreement and adherence to these terms and conditions including maintenance of the minimum academic and citizenship standards outlined in this document.

Recipients of financial aid agree to a periodic review of eligibility by the school at its sole discretion. Financial aid may change each year depending on adherence to these terms and conditions as well as the school’s financial circumstances.

10. Financial Aid Awards
Financial aid eligibility is determined on the basis of the applicants’ demonstrated financial need, income and assets, citizenship status and academic proficiency. Applicants should expect to be notified of their application status and awarded amounts by June 15th.
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