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This form is used by service providers or community members working with a young adult who might be interested in and ready to receive a "table" of volunteers to help support them in their lives. Ideal candidates will have stable housing and will be working or in school (or looking for work or planning for school). Young people need to be between 18-27 years of age and have aged out of foster care or been in foster care at some point in their youth. Please explain to them what Open Table is before completing this form. To find more details to share with young adults, please go to our website at to share videos and articles as well as blog posts describing what the model does. The process takes between 2-4 months to get tables trained and backgrounded as well as get young people through the backgrounding process. If you have any questions, please contact us at
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Thank you for your referral. We are a small team, but committed to moving through referrals as quickly as we can. Next steps will involve contacting you and then the young person to set up a time for the young person to meet with us to discuss the opportunity.
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