Apply to lead /r/hobbygamedev and its related Discord community
To be clear up front: this is not a job offer. This is a volunteering opportunity that has recently opened up. Done right, it can help the community, but it can also be thankless, and may at times involve dealing with abusive strangers online. If you're not deterred by that, read on.

The subreddit and Discord for hobbygamedev are not especially active, and have not been for some time. However both do have some number of real people subscribed, occasionally still around, with new people discovering both each month. Both are well-positioned to be picked up by the right person and given renewed energy and direction.

You would not need to lead these groups with the rules I chose. This is a full handoff, I'm not seeking an assistant. It would be up to you to determine how you would do it.

If you are:
• ...Making games as a hobby, and have been for years. (freeware, jams, side projects, etc.)
• ...Willing to prompt and foster conversations on both the subreddit and its associated Discord.
• ...Comfortable removing not only spam posts, but also seeing through BS to remove exploitative or naive "I have an idea and free sounds, do all the work on my thing for me" people, or people trying to disguise rev share and unpaid labor on "possible real release" (essentially reckless, poorly planned commercial) nonsense, etc.
• ...Up for appointing and/or delegating others to assist you as mods. It can help to have additional eyes on it, plus when done right might grow to become too much for one person to reasonably manage alone.

Not an expectation or being looked for in someone to fill this role:
• Professional game developers, whether indie or studio, unless also consistently doing side personal projects outside of work. Hobbyists face different challenges.
• People taking years off from work to make games nearly full-time, even if in a hobbyist or freeware way. Looking for someone who appreciates the challenges of making games as a hobby long-term, sustainably.
• Anyone too conflict-averse to enforce rules. Moderation requires setting boundaries to protect others in the community, and having a thick skin for misbehavior of occasional trolls.

If you love hobby game development, are excited by the prospect of helping others new to it and growing these communities into more than they are today, let's get you leading the space into a better condition for everyone.

As the former mod of 5+ years - oversaw the subreddit from ~100 to 2000+ subscribers, and brought in the Discord's first ~130 members - I am willing to offer some behind the scenes assistance through the transition if you'd like, but that's optional. If you have a vision for how it should be, and are willing to put the time and energy to implement it, I'm eager to hear from you.

You would be equally welcome to pick it up from the state it was in, or to press reset and start over.
Email address *
Why would you be a good candidate to lead the /r/hobbygamedev and HobbyGameDev Discord communities? (response is limited to ~300 words / few paragraphs in length, but a short answer is fine - longer isn't better) *
Have you been making and releasing non-commercial hobby game projects for a few years or more? If you have portfolio or itch links sharing a URL here can help. Have you moderated anything before - dealt with making rules, banning/removing violators when appropriate?
Which platform(s) are you willing to lead? *
These communities are intended to be related, so in an ideal scenario the same person might lead both, however if two otherwise strong candidates seem to only have an interest in leading one community or the other, admin responsibility could be split between two people.
What's your vision for the hobby game development subreddit and/or Discord? *
Response is also limited to ~300 words / 1200 characters, but even a few sentences can be enough. The length cap is out of respect for your time, so that no one winds up feeling a need to write a lengthy essay, and helps keep this focused.
What's your Reddit username? *
If you've posted in the /r/hobbygamdev subreddit before that's helpful, but that is not a requirement. This is the account that mod role would be given to if the application is accepted.
What's your Discord username? (Full, with the #number part) *
It's great if you've been around on the hobbygamedev Discord, but that is not a requirement. Likewise, this is necessary since it is the username that mod control would be transferred to.
Any other related links you'd like to share?
Optional, but can be additional evidence you're engaged with gamedevs online, have been making games, etc. Many people have had opinions over the years of what the subreddit or Discord should do, but it takes a lot of attention and time to make those kind of ideas happen, so any links demonstrating consistency or follow through can go a long way here.
If you are not selected to be the lead/admin, would you be ok with your responses above being shared with the new admin to consider contacting you about helping as a mod?
This is optional. If you skip this box, no one else will see your responses to this form if you are not selected to be the new lead/admin.
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