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Recycling Program Survey
The City of Lawrenceburg, Indiana is a community dedicated to improving the lives of its residents with a focus on education, economic development and quality of life.

The City of Lawrenceburg is pursuing an opportunity to implement a city-wide Curbside Recycling Program in 2022. Backed by Mayor Kelly Mollaun and City Council, the ultimate goal is to provide recycling carts to each curbside recycling eligible household as the City implements weekly recycling collection where each citizen has automatic access to collection service. The Recycling Partnership has awarded Lawrenceburg $19,200 towards implementing a universal cart-based curbside recycling program and to provide recycling education and outreach to the residents of Lawrenceburg. Information is needed to pursue additional IDEM Grant funding through the Recycling Market Development Program towards the project. Your help is needed!

Please fill out the quick City of Lawrenceburg Recycling Program Survey below by June 20th. Information collected will be used to pursue grant funding.
Would you participate in a curbside recycling program? *
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Which of the following materials do you currently recycle?
Thank you for your time and assistance! To submit a Letter of Support, please contact Judy McAdams at
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