Independent Pitch Therapist Application

This form is for individuals and businesses wishing to apply for independent therapist pitches at Wilderness Festival, located in the Wellbeing Area (The Sanctuary) of the festival.

SHOW DATES: 30th July - 2nd August
YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE: 29th July - 3rd August

Wilderness Brand Guidelines -

You must arrive on Wednesday 29th July before 5pm to set up your pitch

You will not be able to move your vehicles onsite until Monday 3rd August, which is also when you can break down your tent, please do not do so before.

If your application is accepted we will require a £50 deposit to secure your spot before the full pitch fee is paid - this will then be taken from the total.

**Wilderness has the right to not allow a pitch on-site if it does not follow these guidelines, without a refund.**

Priority will be given to interesting and individual treatments, which will really add a holistic quality to The Sanctuary.

It is not guaranteed that you will be selected if you have been selected in previous years.

Please send all imagery to;; Please use your name and Wilderness Festival as the subject title.


- Your pitch size must be accurate, and include all guy-ropes within those measurements.
- You must have at least 2 years clinical experience as a qualified therapist.
- You must have full and up to date public liability insurance.

If selected you will be contacted by email and a price for the pitch will be given to you at that point.


- Application deadline, 3rd April 2020.
- Successful applicants will be notified by the 1st May 2020.
- Pitch fees must be paid in full by the 5th June 2020.

Many thanks and good luck,

Email address *
Name *
Company name (if applicable)
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Contact number *
About You.
Tell us about you *
How long have you been qualified *
Qualification (We will require proof of this if you are selected) *
Do you have public liability insurance (We will require proof of this if you are selected) *
Are you VAT registered *
Treatment Style
Please use this area to best describe your individual treatment style, and what makes you stand out above the rest. This is your time to shine.
Treatment type. *
Treatment duration. *
How are your treatments conducted *
Pitch Requirements
Please be as detailed as you can in this section, we will need to know all the ins and outs of your pitch to ensure you get the best spot subject to your requirements.
What structure are you planning on bringing to Wilderness? - Please consider our guidelines. *
What is the size of your space? - In metres - Firstly enter how WIDE your structure is, inclusive of guy lines. (i.e 4.5m) * *
What is the size of your space? - In metres - Secondly add the DEPTH of your structure. *
Any other pitch requirements - It is really handy for us to know any other requirements you have for your pitch in advance, to avoid any issues once we are onsite. *
Power Requirements - This would not be included within the pitch fee.
Ticket allocations can be a real problem for Wilderness and we simply can't give them out generously, we would love it if everyone could come! Please be aware that unfortunately children are not allowed in the main arena during the build and break, they are however able to stay within the campsite during these times. Children are of course very welcome during the show please include any children you will be bringing in your required ticket allocation.
What is the minimum amount of tickets you require? *
The other bits.
You agree to the pitch requirements set by Wilderness Festival *
You agree to send relevant and cohesive imagery along side your application *
If successful, you agree to pay the pitch fee in full by the deadline 5th June 2020 *
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