2022 Hillside Market Series
Thank you for taking the time to read through the Policy & Procedure Document for the Hillside Summer Market Series before filling out this application!  We look forward to connecting with you in the next few months while planning these exciting Summer Markets!  Please understand that if you are not contacted, it means we do not have space in your category or your business is not a good fit for this Market at this time- but we encourage you to request feedback and/or check in about other Markets as they may be a better fit.
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What is your website and social media handles? If you do not have social media or a website please email photos of the work you wish to sell to hello@victoriamarketcollective.com.  Without one of these option we cannot adjudicate your work. *
Which dates are you applying for? *
The fees for the Market dates are as followed: one single day $70.  If you book both dates of the weekend the fee is $120.  This is for a 10 x 10 space.  Do you consent to this fee schedule? *
Would you like a corner for $15 more if it is an option?  This is not a guarantee *
Do you need overnight storage inside the Hillside Mall?  This is a $15 per night fee.  When accepting this option you must take down what you want stored, and bring inside the Mall no later than 530pm, and arrive to empty your space no later than 830am for the days' Market. *
This is an outdoor Market with no power offered and on cement, do you have any considerations for sunlight and your products?  Placement may consider these factors, but not a guarantee. All stalls are 10 x 10.  If you need a double stall you will pay for 2. *
Have you sold at other Markets or through stores?  Please tell us where and when *
Artisan Bio *
Please give any special notes about your products, business or persons selling for the business here *
Please confirm that you will read all of the Policy & Procedure document if you are accepted to know where to park, about weighting your tent, overnight storage, fees and so on.  Once accepted, paying your fees is the signature to your contract that you agree to abide to the terms and conditions of that document. *
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