Witchsona Commissions by Witchy Words!
Welcome to the order form for Witchsona Commissions by Witchy Words! Use this form as a way of conveying interest in commission. You will be contacted by e-mail within 1 business day to confirm details and submit payment.

All commissions will come 9x12" at 300 DPI ready for print, as well as a one-time personal-use print release form for your local printing company. Animations will be sized at 800 pixels tall/long, but you will receive a stationary image at 9x12". If no animated image is ordered, an additional web-ready size of 800 pixels tall/long will be provided for you.

Before I can accept your order, you will need to agree to the following terms of service outlined below:


1. Witchsonas are cartoon illustrations based on you. They emphasize your uniqueness, not just in your photos but your description. By agreeing to this TOS, you agree to this style and my personal interpretation of your features, images, keywords and any other details.
2. Witchy Words Commissions are personal purchases only. For commercial work, please send an e-mail to artist@mdartist.com.
3. Clients may not erase my signature, claim the work as their own, resell the work to other people, or deny me credit. This constitutes plagiarism and may be pursued with legal action.
4. All sales are currently made through Paypal only.
5. All commissions are digital goods, and do not require shipping addresses. If a shipping address is provided for some purpose or by accident, it will not be used.
6. Client addresses and information are confidential.
7. I reserve the right to turn down any commission prior to any payment made for any reason.
8. Price estimates based on this form are not guaranteed totals. Price may vary by complexity based on the number of hours it will take for me to successfully complete your commission to the highest of my standards. You want the best I can give and I want to give you the best I can offer.
9. Commission payment is due 50% up front and 50% after completion.
10. Clients will receive a low-res, watermarked proof of completion before having to pay, but will not receive the full resolution, unwatermarked image until the final payment has been made.
11. Clients may opt in to see a rough sketch and make changes up to 25% of the image for an additional $10. Changes after the completion of the commission will be based on my hourly rate and complexity.
12. Clients may offer tips but this does not guarantee additional work.
13. I reserve the right to post all commissions publicly on my website, Tumblr, DeviantArt and other accounts. You are welcome to do the same.
To agree to the Terms of Service outlined above, type your legal first and last name in the space below as an electronic signature. *
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