LP ASEP Waiver & Release (Spring 2017)
This is STEP 2 of the Registration Process for LP Spring ASEP classes. Please complete one form/ student.

In addition to this Waiver and Release form, you MUST sign up with the Vendor of each class & pay them directly to be officially enrolled in the class.

If you would like more info about the LP Spring ASEP Classes, please see our WebPage- http://lp.moraga.k12.ca.us/ASEP

Any questions, please email your ASEP Coordinators: Aude Gaudio and Kelli Bacher at losperalesasep@gmail.com.

Student Name (First & Last)
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Teacher's Name
Early/ Late/ 3rd-5th
Choose Monday ASEP class:
(Before Monday ASEP class) Arriving from:
(After Monday ASEP class) - Release to:
Choose Tuesday ASEP Class
(Before Tuesday ASEP class) Arriving from:
(After Tuesday ASEP class) - Release to:
Choose Wednesday ASEP Class
(Before Wednesday ASEP class) Arriving from:
(After Wednesday ASEP class) - Release to:
If your student is in a Thursday ASEP class, the PTA and Vendors already have this info.
Choose Friday ASEP Class
(Before Friday ASEP class) Arriving from:
(After Friday ASEP class) - Release to:
Important Info and Waiver
Primary Parent First & Last Name
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Phone Number To Be Reached DURING Class
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Primary Email Address
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I (we) hereby advise that the above named minor has had the following allergies, medicine reactions or unusual physical condition which should be made known to a treating physician or which could limit participation: (if none, write NONE).
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Emergency Contact Name
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Emergency Contact Phone
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Additional Adults Authorized to Pick Up From Any ASEP Class
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Physician Name
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Physician Phone
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It is parent/student responsibility to get to class unless enrolled in Panther. (*Note: The ASEP instructor/ ASEP volunteer is responsible for escorting the late bird TK/K students from the school dismissal area.)
I understand that if I am 10 or more minutes late picking up my child, he/she may be escorted to the Panther Club, and I will be responsible for reimbursing Panther Club.
I understand that if my child attends Panther, a release form must be on file with Panther.
If my child will miss an ASEP class, I will contact the vendor directly to alert them.
I understand that class registration and payment must be made directly to the vendor.
I have read and understand the above ASEP Waiver (please type full name as your signature)
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