Get Higher 5780 Hearing Assist
Mishkan wants our audiences at The Vic to have the best listening experience and not miss any spoken words. Missing words can cause missing the meaning of what is being said. Missing words is not unusual for older people who may not use hearing aids or cochlear implants. For the High Holidays, Mishkan is using a state of a sound system to improve audience hearing. The system broadcasts sound not only into traditional wall/ceiling speakers but also to a small FM system receiver that you wear around your neck. This broadcasts what is being said or sung into body and stage mics to telecoils contained in most modern hearing aids and all cochlear implants. If you do not use hearing aids with telecoils ask for the FM receiver with available headphones.

We need to know as soon as possible if you want to use the FM system. We only have a limited number of receivers and headphones.
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