Consent/Membership Form
It is a requirement of Go2B that all children/young people have a completed and signed consent/membership form. This form should be completed by the parent/guardian of any young person under the age of 16. Young people aged 16 and over can complete this form themselves. If any of these details change, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform Got2B so that we can amend our records accordingly. All information on this form will be kept according to our privacy policy and GDPR requirements. If at any time you wish to change how we communicate with you, or update the information we hold, or view our GDPR policy please do get in touch through our website: or
• Email us:
• Call us: 07983 324437

Which School does your Child Attend *
Full name of Young Person *
Gender/preferred pronouns *
Date of Birth *
Address and postcode *
Name of Parent/Carer *
E-mail address Parent/Carer *
Phone number(s) for Parent/Carer *
no of siblings *
Do you have any connections with the RAF serving or veteran *
Has the young person been diagnosed with any of the following: *
Is the young person any of the following: *
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