South Columbia Young Adults Survey
Hello! We are excited to be launching a ministry that is focused on supporting, encouraging, teaching and loving young adults. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey to help us figure out how we can best serve you! -Derrick and Leah Anderson
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We would love to send you something 1-2 times per semester! If you like free stuff, please give us your mailing address (during the school year):
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If you will be local to SCBC during the school year, would you be interested in participating in a Bible study during the week?
If you will away during the school year, would you be interested in participating in the weekly Bible study virtually (via a video conferencing site, Facebook Live, etc.)?
If you are interested in participating, which of these weeknight(s) would work for you this semester?
We are going to plan events during winter and summer breaks when everyone is home. Which events would you be interested in? Check all that apply.
Tell us about yourself! How can we best serve you? (Optional)
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Do you have any other suggestions for the young adult ministry? (Optional)
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Thank you so much for your time!!
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