TCMC Retreat Committee Survey
TCMC offers weekend non-residential teaching retreats most months of the year. We offer a daylong and a 1/2 day silent meditation retreat each month, and 1 or 2 residential meditation retreats each year. Please keep these offerings in mind when answering the following questions
On average how many retreats per year do you attend?
If you rarely attend retreats at TCMC please tell us why (check all that apply)
The number of retreats that TCMC offers per year is:
For non-residential retreats, I prefer which of the following ratios (teaching includes lecture, discussion, Q&A, and group interviews)
What type of events are you most likely to attend at TCMC (please check your top 2 or 3 choices)
Please list teachers that you would like to see the Retreat Committee invite to lead a retreat at TCMC
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Please list topics that you would like to see covered at TCMC retreats
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Please provide any other feedback about retreats at TCMC
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