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NB. Please read the below documentation carefully and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. By filling this form, you are to be loyal to Wildlife Africa and legally agreeing not to use any information or data that will come to your knowledge for your personal activities without authorization. You agree to be sued if we feel you have done so. Thank you.

If you wish you wish to join our team as a volunteer, it will only require that you are self motivated to work for wildlife and you write a short personal statement of what motivates you to take positive actions on behalf of the environment.

Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative is a Conservation, Research, Education and Wildlife Rescue (CREW) Initiative is a place for you if you love nature, if you feel connected to nature and motivated to contribute your quota to conserve Biodiversity, sustain productivity and ensure responsible use of wildlife resources for human and social benefit.

Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative, is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to bringing the knowledge of flora and fauna of Africa to the general public, providing them with an educational experience that will inspire a love of nature and the environment while fostering sound environmental practices and resource management.

We work directly and seek to also work through partnerships with Educational Institutions, Conservation Centres, Research Institutions, other NGOs, the private sector and cultural organizations; nationally, regionally and internationally.

You will participate in a variety of general tasks and operations of the Initiative. Our broad Methodology is to Develop, produce, publish, distribute and create educational experiences and resources of all kinds which include (but not limited to): Education Action (Formal and Informal), Conservation Excursion Action, Social Action, Environment Action, Agricultural Biodiversity action, Research Action, Nature Action, Wildlife Rescue Action etc. through Live Events, teaching aids, videos, posters, web-based information, Mobile applications and online interactive activities making use of all existing and future communication technologies.

Think it through before you go ahead and fill this form. We would take it as your final word. Silver or Gold we have none but we can promise you that if you make yourself available, Nature and Wildlife will use you. We only demand loyalty to the spirit and intent of Wildlife Africa as We will have a Blind-Trust in you.

When you join we would add you to Team Wildlife Africa WhatsApp group where we talk and work and are present to each other daily. With time you will be meeting other members of the team.

A lot is going on at the same time. So try to keep up and choose where you want to come in or where you want to make an impact. Discuss with the founder privately so he can guide you to the program/project it fits in Wildlife Africa, then you will develop a concept note for it along a guideline you will be provide and we then look for grants to apply for and we seek other ways to find funding to implement.

Do You Understand that You are Volunteering to help fulfill the Vision of the Founder for Wildlife of Africa through Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative and you must work according to his Guidance and in complete Loyalty to the Non-Profit? *
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