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I. Course Rationale
22 credits are required by the state of Tennessee for high school graduation, of which, 2 credits must be in a foreign language. This course is designed to meet one of these credits.

In this course, students will be required to master the following, second year
Modern World Language Tennessee Academic Standards along with their performance indicators:
I. Communicate in a language other than English (Spanish).
II. Gain knowledge & understanding of other cultures (Hispanic cultures).
III. Connect with other disciplines & acquire information.
IV. Develop insight into the nature of language & culture.
V. Participate in multicultural communities at home & around the world.

Performance Indicators of completion can be found below, as well as on the classroom website:

II. Course Supplies
Students will be expected to bring these supplies to class with them DAILY in order to be considered prepared for class in the daily classroom culture grading rubric:

-1” or 1 ½” 3 ring binder
-Filler binder paper (college ruled is preferred)
-Pencils—at least 2 with lead or a pencil sharpener (no pens due to their permanent nature)
-3” x 5” Notecards
-Handouts from all previous lessons
-Notes given/taken in class from ALL previous lessons
-Device with internet access at home**

**I will be utilizing technological devices periodically in class. I send out reminders, notifications, & assignments through various apps or programs. Please communicate with me if for any reason your student will not have internet access with a device at home**

III. Classroom Norms: Keep it R.E.A.L.!
IV. Grading
The Tennessee State Board of Education’s Uniform Grading Policy is followed for this course:
Grade Percentage Range:
A: 93-100
B: 85-92
C: 75-84
D: 70-74
F: 0-69

Policy located here:

• Formal Assessments (80% of final grade)
o Unit Tests, Major Projects, Quizzes, Midterm, Final:
-These assessments are designed to let students show their mastery of a concept
or idea. I allow one retake for each written exam (not oral exams) for full credit
opportunity that must be completed prior to the next scheduled formal grade.
Exemptions to this standard are the midterm & final or tests retaken due to
cheating. ALL rubrics are posted on classroom website & can be printed upon
• Informal Assessments (20% of final grade)
o Trabajo de la campana, Daily Classroom Culture Grade, Homework, some Quizzes,
& Other Projects:
-A key part of Spanish homework is vocabulary study. Each student needs to spend
15-20 min per day studying & reviewing vocabulary to ensure their success in
Spanish II. Other projects may include a specific study of a cultural feature of a
country such as their music or food. The classroom culture grade follows the
performance indicators of the Academic Standards of 3.2 & 4.2. It is assessed as
a possible 5 points daily, accumulated as a 25-point possible total every week of
class. Its purpose is two-fold; first, it is to show understanding of culture in the
U.S. & second, it is to help support the college & career readiness of the student.
The R.E.A.L. norms, preparedness for class, & classroom behavior drive this grade.
ALL rubrics are posted on classroom website & can be printed upon request.

Missed/Late work:

Per the South Gibson County High School Faculty/Staff Handbook & the Gibson County Special School District policy, teachers will indicate assignments that are late by entering a "0" in the gradebook, while working with parents & students to maintain current assignments. Formal grades (test, quizzes, projects etc.) will be taken/turned-in upon the day of the students' return to school. For example, a student misses Friday where a formal assessment was completed, upon their return on Monday, the test/quiz will be taken by them on that same Monday (or turn in project, present, etc). All other missed class work may be made up BY THE STUDENT'S REQUEST upon their return to class, given it does not take time away from class for the student involved & other students. The make-up work must be completed within 5 school days after returning to school, in the order of assignment.

V. Bathroom Policy
Students are expected to use the restroom in between classes or on breaks, just as staff is expected to do so (barring an emergency or sickness). They are allowed to use the bathroom in my class once a week with their personal, assigned bathroom pass. IF a student does NOT have their personal pass, they may NOT go to the restroom during class. Students ask & receive permission to go to the restroom in Spanish. Students MUST sign out upon leaving & sign in upon returning to class. Students are expected to use the restroom on the South Hall & return to class in a reasonable amount of time (10 minutes or less). If these expectations are not met, then bathroom privileges will be revoked. If there are extenuating health considerations, please communicate this to me or school administration in order to accommodate these needs.
VI. Electronic Devices & the Classroom
VII. Proposed Course Calendar
The last week of the semester, prior to the final exams, students will complete a group presentation worth two test grades. Students will review each unit covered from the semester; each group will have 1 unit to present. There will be 3 parts from each unit: Grammar, Culture, & Vocabulary. These presentations will serve as the study guide for the Final Exam. Please be mindful of this assignment as we journey through the semester.

Introduction: Pretest of Spanish I content knowledge, Friday January 4
-Norms -Classroom Community -Review Spanish I
-Procedures -Modern Language Standards for this semester

Unit 1: Written & Oral Exam Friday, January 18
-Review Spanish I concepts as needed
-Vocabulary: House--chores, rooms, & items
-Grammar: Affirmative commands & present progressive
-Culture: Dia de los Reyes Magos & housing around the world

Unit 2: Written & Oral Exam Monday, February 4
-Vocabulary: Weather & Seasons -Continue to review concepts of Spanish I as needed
-Grammar: The verb "Hay" versus Hacer
-Culture: Spain, Dominican Republic, & Cuba

Unit 3: Written & Oral exam EITHER Friday, February 15 OR Tuesday, February 19
-Vocabulary: Clothing & Shopping -Vocabulary: Numbers from 100-1000
-Grammar: Indirect Object Pronouns -Culture: Dia de San Valentin, Los Amantes de Teruel, & shopping worldwide
-Grammar: Demonstrative Adjectives -Vocabulary: Stores/markets vocabulary

Unit 4: Partner project presentations as oral portion of midterm
-Vocabulary: Business
-Grammar: Past tense conjugation-the Preterite
-Culture: Worldwide job market

Midterms: Written Exam & Oral presentation along with an individual cover letter & resume in Spanish

Unit 5: Cultural Project of a Trip Friday, March 22: Itinerary of planning the trip, then a diary as if the trip took place already
-Vocabulary: Travel, places, & activities
-Grammar: Past tense of Preterite conjugation with regular & irregular verbs
-Culture: Dia de San Patricio & Carnaval de Cádiz

Unit 6: Written Exam Monday, April 15
-Vocabulary: Animals
-Grammar: Direct Object Pronouns
-Grammar: Preterite (cont)
-Culture: La Semana Santa & El Lobo y Los 7 Cabritos

Unit 7: Food group projects Friday April 26 & Monday, April 29
-Vocabulary: Food, kitchen utensils, verbage for recipes
-Grammar: Preterite (cont) & affirmative & negative commands with indirect & direct object pronouns (cont)
-Culture: Soy una Taza, Recipes from around the world

Unit 8: Peliculita (mini-movie) group project Thursday, May 9
-Vocabulary: Television & the movies
-Grammar: verbs that work like gustar in present & past tense
-Culture: Hispanic movies & television shows

Unit 1 & Unit 2, Monday May 13
Unit 3 & Unit 4, Tuesday May 14
Unit 5 & Unit 6, Wednesday May 15
Unit 7 & Unit 8, Thursday May 16

Comprehensive Final Exam: Monday May 20 or Tuesday May 21

The teacher and/or school administration reserve the right to change or adjust this syllabus at any time.

Parental & Student Signature/Acknowledgment
I sign that I read, understand, & agree to adhere to the policies, procedures, & expectations of this syllabus.
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