2019 Trace Science Fair Registration
Please use the below form to register your child's science fair project. We ask for a parent email address to send out event information and a digital guidebook. Your email will not be used for anything outside of Science Fair communications. If you have no email address, please send below information via text to (650) 387-6889.

If this is a group project, please name one student as "Student #1" for board delivery. Please also list other team members and each team members' teacher (for classroom participation prizes). Note that group projects will be judged per the grade level of the oldest participant.

Please note that this year we will ask students to provide a general project topic (which can be changed later if need be) to ensure we reserve presentation boards and spots for students who are committed to completing a project. Note no volcanoes please.

If you have questions about a suitability of a topic, please ask a teacher or contact Pia Rieppo via email at rieppo@yahoo.com or text at (650) 387-6889. Please contact Pia for any other Science Fair questions as well.

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Important Parent Information
This is a project for the students - not for the parents. Parents are asked to help guide the students in project selection and keeping the project appropriate to their grade level/scientific ability. Parents are encouraged to help explain concepts to the students, help students locate resources in the library/on the internet and in general support the student's learning but, please, not do all the work for them.

Note that the presentation boards generally have standard elements (depending on project type) such as Title, Question, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Results/Data and Conclusions. The information can be hand-written (encouraged for the younger grades who probably don't yet know how to type) or typed by the student and the student may wish to include drawings, diagrams and/or photos. Please also make sure to list books/web pages/videos etc used as resources. Please see the guidebook for details on how marks are awarded to these elements.

The projects need to be brought to the Multi-Purpose Room 8-8:30am Thursday 3/21. The judging will take place Thursday evening 6-8pm. (It is ok to participate in the Science Fair even if you can't be there for the judging. You will not be judged but will receive a participation ribbon. If there is strong interest but inability to attend, we may be able to organize for daytime judging for 1-2 students.) Students need to pick up the project Friday after school.

Please do not leave fragile or valuable items with the projects as students will view the projects during the day Thursday and Friday. Only bring the fragile items for the judging. (You may wish to take pictures of them and include on the board as needed.)

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