SRCCON 2019 Thursday Night: Hobby groups and conversations!
After spending the day digging into journalism tools, engagement techniques, and conversations about work culture, we'll spend Thursday evening at SRCCON focused more on the "life" side of the work/life balance. Our evening program has lightning talks, board games, and lots of semi-structured space for you to connect with your community—or maybe find it for the first time.

We'd love for YOU to help us make Thursday night amazing. Do you have a hobby you can teach, or a fun skill to share? Do you want to open up a conversation with the engaged, passionate people there with you at SRCCON? We set aside tables and rooms (and even buy supplies!) so attendees can gather informally and connect over the things in life they're passionate about.

We've had spaces dedicated to everything from knitting to breakdancing, boxing to stenography. Conversations on lighter topics like roadtripping and fiction-writing, and open discussions on the existential news cycles we're all trying to process right now.

What do YOU want to make space for during this year's Thursday evening program? Tell us about it by **Tuesday, July 2**!

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What would you like do during Thursday evening at SRCCON?
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If you need supplies for a workshop, we're happy to order some, up to $50. Conversation topics can be light or they can be serious—we want people at SRCCON to be able to connect with each other in meaningful ways. We'll have some session rooms available for up to an hour at a time, and tables to gather around all night.
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