2020 Community Course Requirements Survey
The Whistler Learning Centre (WLC) is preparing its 2020 course schedule. The WLC is focused on offering accredited university level courses in Whistler that can be transferred into certificate, diploma, and degree programs.

This short 10 question survey will provide valuable guidance to ensure the courses and delivery times meet the needs of the Sea to Sky community.
1. Which of the following delivery options for a 36-40 hour course best suits your schedule? Note that sickness and vacation can be caught up in the longer delivery formats. *
2. Please select the month(s) when you would prefer to attend face-to-face classes in Whistler? *
3. Which Business and Leadership course(s) from the list below would you register to study in fall 2020? Select all that apply. *
4. If the WLC were to source technical courses, what programming languages or subjects would be of greatest interest to you?
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5. Would you be interested in completing a Project Management Certificate in Whistler? *
6. A Project Management Certificate consists of 5 core (36-40hr) courses and 3 additional elective courses that you can complete on your own schedule. If you were to take the 5 core courses, how would you like them delivered?
7. If the WLC were to offer Project Management courses in Whistler, which courses would be of greatest interest to you? Select all that apply.
8. If the WLC were to offer an MBA in Whistler please rate your level of interest. *
No interest
Very interested
9. If you answered yes to being interested in an MBA in Whistler please add you email address below for follow up questions.
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10. What other courses would you like to see offered in Whistler?
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If you would like to be notified when course details are released please add your email address and name below to be added to the WLC mailing list.
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