Mena Schools Parental Engagement Survey
Name of School
Did the school provide opportunities through Open House, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and/or other events for you to be engaged at your child's school?
If you did participate in family engagement activities, did they provide you with useful information?
If you did not attend parental engagement events, please specify why.
When you visit your child's school is the reception staff friendly and helpful?
When you visit the school are the administrators approachable and helpful?
When you visit the school are the teachers easy to talk to and helpful?
When you visit the school do you feel welcomed?
Are written communications from school, such as report cards and newsletters, available in a language you understand?
What are the best ways to communicate with you and your family? (choose all that apply)
How many parent-teacher conferences did you this year?
Were you contacted by your child's school regarding....(choose all that apply)
Were you asked about your interests, talents, or availability for volunteering at school?
If you did volunteer, please indicate in what area(s) below: (Choose all that apply)
I offered to volunteer at school, but was not contacted.
If you did not volunteer, please indicate why (choose all that apply)
Are parents involved in planning, implementing, or evaluating school programs at your school?
Does your school have parent/teacher information nights regarding your child's learning?
What would help you participate more in making decision, rules, or policies about your child's school? (choose all that apply)
How often are you in touch with teachers at your child's school?
How well do you feel your child's school is preparing him or her for his or her next academic year?
How well do administrators at your child's school create a school environment that helps children learn?
Please select all items that you think would improve home-school communications.
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