St. James Survey Fall 2021
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My COVID vaccine status is
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Spiritually these days, I am doing
Not so great
So - so
Pretty decent
Pretty great
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Since COVID hit in March, 2020, my participation at St. James, whether online or in-person, has
Decreased a lot
Held steady
Increased a lot
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These days, I typically connect with St. James, either live or in person, about
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One thing that might make my experience of St. James better would be if (and please shoot for realistic ideas that are in our control):
One thing (or more) to make St. James a great church for attracting new people might be (please fill in your response). Bonus points if you let us know you are willing to help make it happen. (Again, we're looking for realistic ideas that are in our control.)
If I were picking best times for me to participate in adult faith development (a small group or a class) offered by St. James (that might be held either online or in person), I would pick (select all that apply):
If I were picking the best time for me for our Sunday service, I would prefer (pick one):
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If I were picking the best time that I think NEW PEOPLE who don't yet attend St. James would like for our Sunday service, I think they would like (pick one):
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Over the past 5 years, some ways I have shared my faith with people who are not already a part of a church include (select all that apply):
I could really use help with (select all that apply):
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