Magofarm's Junior Investors (JI) Program
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Magofarm JI. If its the first time you are hearing about us, we are a waste to nutrient insect-tech startup that transforms food waste and post harvest losses into organic fertilizer and protein ingredients for animal feed formulation. We also have some ongoing pilot projects in poultry farming and mobile software. For more information about us, please visit

Founded by a group of young entrepreneurs from the African Leadership University (ALU) in their super early twenties, Magofarm has evolved to become one of the leading youth-led insect-tech startups in Rwanda that's driving ambitiously towards a sustainable food-waste free world. In the past 2 years, we have created employment for 8 people, raised $50k in funding and built a revenue generating model from scratch. All this while still in university. From this experience, we have developed an appetite to work with fellow young people either as employees, interns, contractors or in this case - investors.

Building up on the philosophy of our young founders, The Magofarm JI Program has been designed to provide a real world entrepreneurial experience for young Africans between the age of 16-28 who prefer to invest in existing startups other than start their own. Between 5 to 10 junior investors will be selected to join the program this year. This cohort will be required to put 'their skin' in the game by contributing between RWF 150K - RWF 500K to Magofarm's non-founder capital pool. Throughout a period of 10 months, the junior investors will participate in a series of bi-monthly investor meetings to receive updates on their investments, discuss internal business challenges, review strategies and vote on decisions.

Our objective is to provide an experience similar to that of our senior investors. At the end of the program in December 2022, each junior investor will receive a dividend proportionate to their ticket size. Upon program culmination, Magofarm will determine which JI's to work with in the long term with respect to our internal investment policy and mutual agreements.

For any further inquiries about the program, feel free to send us an email to or a simple whatsapp text through +250 789 902 748. We typically reply within a few hours. We would never ask you to process any transaction until you have passed through an interview with a member of our team, JI paperwork completed and you have been accepted into the program. Please beware of scammers.
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