Whistler Snow Observation Project
Thanks for taking part in NASA Citizen Science for Earth Systems Community Snow Observation Project! Learn more about the initiative here: http://communitysnowobs.org/

Each data submission will enter you for a chance to win a sweet Arc'teryx backpack!

How to collect data:

1. Find a representative area in undisturbed snow to make your measurement. For example, avoid tree wells, or spots where skiers and snowmachiners may have compressed the snow.

2. Push your probe firmly into the snowpack down to the ground. Make sure you push firmly to make sure you are measuring to the ground and not intermediate ice or dense snow layers.

3. Read the snow depth on the probe from ground level to the nearest centimeter at the snow surface.

4. If possible, repeat 3-4 times in a small radius (<1 m) and take the average of those measurements.

5. If the snow depth is greater than your probe length, use your shovel to dig a shallow pit (~50 cm or so) with a clean vertical wall. Push your probe firmly to the ground in your pit. Mark the top of the probe on the vertical wall of snow. Remove your probe and use it to measure the additional distance from the mark to the snow surface. Add the two numbers and you’ll have the total snow depth!

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