Playdate Talent Survey
Thank you for being a trusted member of the Playdate community. We can't wait to promote the amazing work that you do! This form will help us to pre-populate your profile before we go live. Please provide as much information as you can and we will set you up!

Please review the Project Playdate mock ups at the link below. This is not a real website but simply a design. You can click through and experience what the user flow is going to be like.

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Leads are responsible for using the tools on our platform to seamlessly a safe social and stimulating child care experiences. Leads must be CPR/First AID Certified with evidence of continued learning or professional experience in childhood enrichment. Leads build an itinerary, correspond directly with participating parents, and hire their own supports when needed.

Supports review the itinerary and expectations set by their lead, they show up on time and are responsible for ensuring children are safe, engaged, and nurtured throughout their playdate experience.

Both Leads and Supports must successfully pass our vetting process.

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How many hours do you hope to commit to booking work on the new platform per week? With rates at $23-$25/hour for Supports and $25-$50/hour for Leads. *
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