Validating a Board Game for Intergenerational Fun & Sharing: A UNE Study on Healthful Aging

Family members enjoy many ways to stay in touch today. Social and digital media platforms allow for near instant communication. There’s still something to be said for getting together in person, and that’s what this research is about.

Multigenerational family groups are needed to play a board game — Family Get Together (FGT) — while being video recorded and later interviewed about the experience.

The FGT game is an outgrowth of Tom Meuser’s teaching and research on narrative “life story” interviewing. All persons have meaningful stories to tell. In older age, the opportunity share stories and life lessons is especially valuable. FGT takes players on a shared journey of silly fun and serious sharing to enrich mutual understanding of what matters most in life.

Who can participate?

Family groups of 4-6 individuals are invited to participate. All must be 8 years or older. The group must include 1-2 grandparents, 1-2 parents, and 1-3 children — all from the same nuclear family (biological or adoptive).

What is involved?

The family will be invited to play FGT in a private, quiet place. This could be in the family home or a room at UNE. After a consent process and orientation, the family plays the game while being video recorded. A brief on camera discussion follows. Brief before and after questionnaires are involved. The total time commitment is 2-3 hours.

Risks and Benefits?

A risk may be emotional discomfort when playing the game or completing a questionnaire. Potential benefits may include increased self-awareness and/or new learning about a family member.

How do I register my family for this study?

If you have spoken with other family members and all agree to participate (or at least learn more about what's involved), please complete the following questions below. At least four individuals representing three generations must commit. Up to six (you plus five more) can take part as indicated above.

Dr. Meuser will be in touch with you via email or phone within a few days to discuss next steps.

Questions? Call or email Dr. Tom Meuser at 207-221-4140 or
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