"Gincident" - Gin Stall Holder Application
Thank you for taking the step to apply for a stall at Gincident! Scheduled to be held at the Flour Shed, Harts Mill, Port Adelaide on Saturday 14 December 2019. Gincident will be open to the public from 12pm - 7pm .

"Gincident [noun] An event that happened due to one too many gins!"

Gin stalls will provide free sample tastings to attendees and be able to sell full bottles of Gin to the public (mesh sealed cover bags to prevent opening on site). There will be opportunity to sell mixed drinks from your stall.

Masterclass sessions are also available with limited numbers in the Gintastic mezzanine level. Please let us know if you would like to run your very own classes.

We have listened to feedback from last year and have reduced the event hours to 7 (was 9) and ask that you staff accordingly. We do not feel that we have enough audience size to do 2 shifts quite yet!

Please provide your contact email address to begin the application. This email will be used to confirm your application and to contact you throughout the process.

Gincident will be a 100% plant based event.
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Email *
Please read the following information carefully before applying.
Your application will be evaluated by the Gincident committee. The form must be completed in full for your application to be considered. This includes providing all relevant supporting documents.

To complete this application you will need to:
- Provide your Business details (including your ABN / ACN / ACNC number, if applicable)
- Give an ~150 word or less description of your stall and its products
- Outline your Infrastructure requirements
- Detail any electricity, or cool room needs
- Supply your Insurance details
- Supply Liquor Licence details
- Provide the name of your Responsible Person
- Agree to the regulations, policies, and protocols of Gincident, Port Adelaide City Council, and Gov SA
- Provide your marketing details (including an ~150 word or less biography of your business/stall)

Supporting Documents
 Below is a list of all the documents that will/may be requested during your application:
- a print ready (high quality) version of your company logo (Required)
- a copy of your valid $20 million public liability insurance (Required)
- a copy of your valid product liability insurance certificate (if drink, food, or cosmetics)
- a copy of your valid liquor licence (if selling alcoholic drinks)
* Documents can be uploaded during completion of this form. Upload instructions will be provided when a document is required.
* In the case of insurance certificates, where insurance valid for the Gincident event may not be currently available, the expiry date of current insurance policies and/or an acknowledgement that new insurance must be purchased is sufficient for this application.

Please note:

- All stall holders MUST commit to the full day, Saturday 14 December
- Set up Friday afternoon 13 December with full pack down by Sunday afternoon 15 December decisions are final
- Your details will be shared with Port Adelaide City Council
- Any Excuse... will not provide ice for this event

You should receive a confirmation email within a few minutes after submitting this form. Should you not receive any confirmation, please email us at lea@anyexcuse.net. Any amendments to your application can be made up until 15 Nov 2019.
Stall fees
Stall options are:

- $700 Regular (2 x 2 m) OR $1350 Double (2 x 4 m) - Free Gin samples/ Bottle Sales / Merchandise / Bar service (provide free samples, sell sealed bottles & serve mixed drinks)  --  LIMITED TO TEN

- $400 Regular (2 x 2 m) OR $750 Double (2 x 4 m) - Free Gin samples / Bottle sales / Merchandise / Services (provide free samples and sell sealed bottles)

- $250 Regular (2 x 2 m) OR $450 Double (2 x 4 m)  - Retail / Merchandise / Services (CANNOT sell or sample alcoholic drinks)

- $1500 Gin Den private bar room (1 only)  - Free Gin samples/ Bottle Sales / Merchandise / Bar service (provide free samples, sell sealed bottles & serve mixed drinks) Option to set this up with own bar, furniture branding etc

*Prices include 3m x 2.5m stall space, backing board, and 1.8m trestle with black cloth IF REQUIRED. Additional costs may be incurred depending on infrastructure requirements. Stalls may bring own items for set up if it fits within the allocated space. Stall holders may apply for double spaces.
Key dates
* Applications must be lodged by 30 July 2019
* Decisions on accepted stalls will be announced before 15 Nov 2019
* Full Payments must be made by 15 Nov to be included in the Dec 2019 event

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