2016 SeaPerch Build Day Sign Up
This form is to collect the names of schools and number to students who will be participating on the Saturday 23 Jan 16 SeaPerch build day. The event will be held from 9-12 in the Wahiawa Elementary Cafeteria.

Teams will be required to bring their own SeaPerch ROV kits.

Schools will also be required to have 1 volunteer per school from 7:30-8:30 for training, prior to the students arriving. The team coach/teacher can be the volunteer. The goal for this is to ensure schools are walking away with skills to be able to better build their robot on their own next year.

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So we know who signed which school up.
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This is so we know how many stations to plan for.
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This is so we get an idea of the ratio of students to kits.
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Name of your volunteer who will attend the pre-build day volunteer mentoring. *
The teachers are the success of this program. We want to ensure we are giving them the time to learn as well.
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