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- receiving an opportunity does not oblige us to proceed with a transaction of any kind,
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Emerald Peak contracts with its buy-side advisors separately and does not pay buy-side fees or any other type of commission for opportunities submitted to us via the present form.
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a. Sector
b. Country of main office
c. Countries of business activity
d. Structure of the company, activities of the businesses, and relations between the major shareholders
e. Number of full-time employees
f. Description of the business model
(own model, franchise, vertical or horizontal integration,...)
g. Number of points of sale, distribution centers and description of type of real estate holdings (owned or rented)
a. Annual accounts
b. Latest available financial accounts for current year
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c. Main KPIs used
d. If the company has a business plan, detail its principal elements and material developments
Summary of relevant aspects that add value to the business
(specific contracts, exclusive products or business lines, market position, operating model, ...)
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