[F21] The InterCom Subscription List
If you are an Interact club officer, member, supervisor, or sponsor, please consider adding some contacts or forwarding this page to others to add to our newsletter subscription list! This includes general Interact members, friends, colleagues, club officers, etc...!

Rest assured, emails will only be used for the sole purpose of sending this monthly newsletter - it will not be spammed!

Our goal is to reach out to as many Interactors in the local area to have a strong impact; to put Cal Rotaract in the forefront as a resource! We may not be able to engage face-to-face with every Interact in the local community, but through this monthly newsletter, we hope to engage more!

Please double check the spelling of emails - we hate to see bounced back emails!

Please make sure to hit "SUBMIT" at the end to record your response!

We look forward to interacting with you!
Aadhithya Manimaran and Genevieve Bellavance
Cal Rotaract Interact Committee Co-Chairs 2021
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